Témoignages médecins

Témoignages médecins

Liliane Mouyal, MD, Spécialiste en Lasers Médicaux, Paris, France

Je suis très enthousiaste de travailler avec le système EndyMed PRO. Mes patients sont très satisfaits; de réelles améliorations sont visibles rapidement. En plus, le traitement est agréable et indolore!

Serge Dahan, MD, Dermatologue, Toulouse, France

EndyMed 3DEEP SFR, la RF fractionnée en resurfacing est un des meilleurs dispositifs de traitement fractionnés que j’ai utilisé. Dès la première session, les résultats sont visibles sur les rides, l’élasticité, la texture et la remise en tension. L’application EndyMed SFR est un traitement absolument efficace et performant.

Prof. Daniel Cassuto, Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Catania and a private practice in Milan, Italy

The EndyMed PRO 3DEEP technology uses a new sophisticated way to control RF energy in the tissue. Using the attraction and repulsion forces of multiple RF sources working in tandem it forces energy to the depth of the dermis with minimal heat on the surface. My clinical experience with the EndyMed PRO shows consistent skin tightening especially in the lower face and neck areas with 100% satisfied patients.

Monica Elman, M.D., Dermatology Laser Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, Israel

I have been using the EndyMed PRO for a long time, and I’m very pleased with the dramatic improvements I have seen in my patients. I find EndyMed’s novel approach of using three dimensional interaction of multiple RF sources, creating deep thermal patterns in the tissue wonderfully effective for aesthetic treatments. As one of the first EndyMed PRO users, I have written several journal articles expressing my delight in the results I see in my patients. My patients are very satisfied with their pleasant, painless treatments, and are thrilled with the instant results they see after each treatment, as well as with the long term and long lasting results.

Hidemi Akai, MD PhD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Director – Akai Medical Clinic, Tokyo, Japan

I have used the EndyMed PRO system to treat more than 100 patients. The large majority of patients had significant clinical results with very high rates of satisfaction. Both my patients and I witnessed a dramatic lifting effect both on the body and facial areas, with a consistently good improvement in skin texture. A group of my patients that had been treated in the past with first generation RF devices clearly stated that the EndyMed PRO treatment had better results with considerably less pain and downtime.

Julia T. Hunter, M.D., Skin Fitness Plus, Beverly HIlls, CA, USA

In my practice we only use the best tools for the job and the best use of time and money; with maximal results producing the most expeditiously and scientifically correct therapeutic modalities. I have used virtually every laser on the market worldwide and can take them apart and put them back together overall and I have to say that EndyMed’s 3DEEP is the best total body tightening technology I have seen so far. 3DEEP is both user and patient friendly. Patients,k male and female, are beating down my doors worldwide for us to treat them, and that only happens if a technology delivers what it promises with correct value as well. And hallelujah it is a workhorse that I don’t have to nonstop troubleshoot! I am a satisfied customer and a hard one to please.

Christopher Inglefield, MD, BSc FRCS (Plast), London Bridge Plastic Surgery, London, UK

Our patients are delighted with the results of the 3DEEP treatment and I have very little difficulty in recommending this safe and effective treatment for skin tightening and facial scarring.

Dr Isabelle Rousseaux, dermatologue à Loos

J'utilise la radio fréquence EndyMed depuis près de 3 ans J'en suis extrêmement satisfaite ainsi que mes patientes qui voient leur ovale, leur zone péri orbitaire, leur cou ou leur ventre s'améliorer sans douleur et sans effets secondaires Mes assistantes travaillent en "multi bipolaire" et moi, en mode fractionné Ce qui fait que j'ai dû acheter une deuxième machine pour que tout le monde puisse l'utiliser!

Docteur Mosafer Dermatologue à Nouméa Nouvelle Calédonie

Je travaille avec l’EndyMed depuis début 2012. Pour une fois qu’on a une machine qui donne des résultats dès la première séance sur des rides difficiles, comme la zone péri buccale et péri orale, tout en étant peu invasive, il faut le dire haut et fort !.